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2000 Pro Flag Season

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Challenge Tournaments

New England Challenge
Date - TBA
Location -
Director - Jim Zimolka

New Jersey Challenge

Date - TBA
Location -
Director -

Cleveland Challenge
Date - TBA
Location -
Director - Mike Cihon

Mid-Atlantic Challenge

Date - TBA
Location -
Director - Steve D'Argenio

Carolina Challenge

Date - TBA
Location - Durham County Stadium
Director - Tim Langdon

Texas Challenge

Date - TBA
Location -
Director -


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The Professional Flag Football League format for the 2000 season will again combine regulation, regular season games with the challenge tournament series. Click Here for full details

2000 Regular Season Play

Each PFFL team will be required to play a minimum of 6 regulation games.
Three home and three away games.

Mid West - Western New York, Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, & Indiana
     Cleveland Gibbs, Buffalo Vikings, Columbus Warriors
New England - Eastern New York, New Jersey, & New England States
     M&M Sports, LoMonico's, Kid KO, New York Empire, Gophers, Benson's Raiders

Mid Atlantic - Maryland & Virginia, Eastern Pennsylvania
     Cutters, Metro Chiefs, Baltimore Packers, Cumberland Regulators, Unknowns
South East - North & South Carolina & Georgia
     Carolina Renegades, Charleston Hurricanes, Charlotte Heat

Deep South - Texas & Louisiana

  2000 Pro Flag Football Challenge Tournament Series

1 - The  2000 tournament series will begin with the New England Challenge and end with the Texas Challenge. Six teams will qualify for the playoffs through tournament play.

2 - Only PFFL teams will be eligible to participate. Click Here to register your team.
3 - Entry fee for each Challenge Event will be $500.00 per team.
4 - Awards: 1st & 2nd Place Team Plaques, $1,000 Cash ( *min.), Pro Flag Championship jerseys.
5 - Tournaments will use the PFFL format: Saturday - Round Robin Inter-divisional play; Sunday - Single Elimination.

Cash Awards:Based on eight teams entered per event. An additional $100 will be added to the cash award for each team entered after the eighth team.

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